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The health benefits of consuming Omega-3s and Hydrolysates derived from fish by-products are constantly evolving. Some applications are easy to implement and almost universal. For example in animal and petfood diets replacing 1% vegetable oil with 1% Scottish Salmon Oil has little cost impact, but widespread health and fertility benefits. Rossyew has also been in the forefront pioneering specialty applications, for example the use of Scottish Salmon oil EPA/DHA in intensively reared broiler chicken diets to improve leg strength and growth rate.

Salmon Pro Hydrolysate has excellent protein digestibility, is very palatable and contains beneficial metabolism regulating peptides. Some specialist applications derived from Salmon protein have even been developed into medicines. A particular example of this is Salmon Calcitonin, administered to reduce the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis in humans.

Rossyew holds a huge range of animal feed ingredient applications and worldwide peer reviewed scientific trials, so contact us for more information. Scientific databases such as PubMed and CAB Abstracts also offer a quick and easy starting point covering both human and livestock research. The PubMed database is free and can be found at:

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